When you are about to embark on one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, having trusted service providers on your side is critical to ensure your settlement runs as smoothly as possible. Here are a few points of our service promise to you:
  • Unlimited complimentary contract reviews/pre-purchase service. Advice turnaround within 2 business hours!

  • 7 day/week email and mobile availability to discuss any crucial aspects of your purchase.
  • Our conveyancing documents can all be completed and signed electronically, saving you more time and reducing the paperwork involved in your purchase.

  • Our conveyancers are all based out of the same local office meaning you have peace of mind that your personal data and services are not being outsourced to various locations or offshore.

  • Flexible verification of identity. No need to pay any additional costs or line up at Australia Post. Verification of identity can be completed via an online encrypted platform or in our office, whatever is most convenient for you!

  • Complimentary use of our Trust account for providing the balance of your purchase contribution and payment of stamp duty.

  • Are you a First Home Buyer and eligible for stamp duty concessions? Complimentary lodgement of First Home Assistance Scheme application.

  • Access to the PEXA Key app. This unique App allows you to see critical information in relation to your purchase in real time and for us to securely communicate important information regarding your settlement. You can read more about the app here.

  • A professional and approachable service which will work harmoniously with you and all other key stakeholders involved in your settlement.
  • Fixed fees. No hidden or additional costs.

Check out our handy guides below to assist you through this process and view some of our amazing testimonials from previous clients by clicking here.

Learn how the purchasing process works in NSW by following our flow chart.
We have provided a quick guide on important considerations for any purchase.



The buyer is ready to make a property purchase – an exciting time! Having confirmed finance, they will request the sales contract for the property of interest from the real estate agent and engage a conveyancer to review the terms.


The buyer’s conveyancer will review the sales contract and advise on all disclosure documents.
YMC offers complimentary contract review within 2 hours!


When the buyer is happy with the terms of the contract, they make an offer to the vendor via the real estate agent for acceptance.



In the case of an auction, the buyer will request contract terms prior to auction and be ready to buy unconditionally on the day.


Where the property is sold at auction, there is automatically no cooling off period. Outside of auction, the vendor can accept the buyer’s offer subject to them waiving the cooling off period, at which point the sale becomes “unconditional”. To waive the cooling off period, the buyer’s conveyancer must sign a s66W certificate.


  • Comfortable with the terms of the contract
  • Finance is ready to go
  • Happy with the state of repair of the property
  • Satisfied with pre-purchase reports


An offer can be accepted with a cooling off period (usually for 5 business days). This allows the buyer the opportunity to complete any further due diligence on the property e.g. building, pest or strata reports.


The deposit is paid by the buyer. The property is SOLD!


Between exchange and settlement, the buyer’s conveyancer engages with the vendor’s conveyancer to run further searches and enquiries on the property as well as communicating with all other stakeholders involved in the transaction e.g. mortgage broker, bank and agent. A PEXA workspace is created for all parties to track progress as we head toward settlement. The buyer will also be involved in completing minor government compliance such as verification of identity.


Buyers finance is formally approved and certified for settlement. A detailed summary of settlement costs is provided to the buyer with payment options on how to pay any further contribution.


The buyer has the opportunity for a final inspection of the property to confirm the property is in the same state of repair as at time of exchange subject to ‘fair wear and tear’.


The property is now owned by the buyer! Funds are released from the buyer’s conveyancer to the vendor and the buyer receives the keys from the real estate agent.


A settlement report confirming ownership is provided by the buyer’s conveyancer and change of ownership notification is sent to rates providers. The process is complete!



Get to know the local real estate agents in the area you want to purchase and ask to be included on their database to be notified of upcoming sales that meet your criteria.

Look at recent sales to compare price guides v auction results to make your own market assessment of what the property is worth.

Consider engaging a buyer’s agent. Buyers agent’s are becoming increasingly popular and can be an incredibly valuable tool in your search to secure the right property. They tend to have better access to properties coming up for sale in your desired area as well as being aware of more ‘off market’ opportunities. They are involved from the early days of sourcing properties and creating a budget right through to bidding at an auction or negotiating the purchase on your behalf.


A common mistake for buyers when they’re wanting to commit to a purchase is having their finance held up which can result in you missing out on the property.
It’s important to have a good relationship with your broker/banker so they are aware of what your goals are and can achieve them in the (usually) short time available between having your offer accepted and when you will be required to sign a contract. You should ensure that you have pre-approval in place before making an offer to purchase any property and that the pre-approval is only ‘subject to’ items that can be finalised very quickly once your offer to purchase the property has been accepted by the vendor.


This is particularly important if the property will be used as an investment and also where the property is purchased under a Trust structure.

You should consider speaking with an accountant around the time you are obtaining finance approval to discuss the best way to structure your purchase.

The names in the contract must be consistent with your loan agreement.


Getting advice on the contract prior to auction or making an offer is obviously a critical part of the overall purchase and is usually the first step in the conveyancing process.
We will provide complimentary contract review services for the property you want to secure and can usually turn your review around within 2 business hours where your offer has been accepted. We will also negotiate any changes to the contract that might be necessary.


In New South Wales it is up to the purchaser to become aware of any property related issues prior to committing to purchase the property.

This also includes becoming familiar with any strata related issues if you are purchasing a strata titled property.

There is limited contract and consumer law protection for buyers to rely on for issues that could have reasonably been uncovered by a purchaser leading up to contracts being entered into.

Obtaining pre-purchase reports (such as building, pest and strata reports) is an important step on your way to securing the property to become more aware of any issues that may have an impact on you purchasing the property or the price you are willing to pay. It is also important to make sure the property can be used for its intended purpose and you should speak to planning professionals in relation to any upgrades you have planned for the property.

We can connect you with our trusted partners to to allow you to obtain any pre-purchase reports you require. Our providers are very reasonably priced and provide friendly and timely services.


In today’s competitive market it’s critical to present a strong offer to the vendor for consideration, especially if the property is being sold via private treaty or prior to auction.

Usually this will mean putting yourself in a position where you are prepared to waive the statutory cooling-off period.

To achieve this, we will need to sign what’s called a section 66w certificate and the deposit (usually 10% of the purchase price) will need to be provided to the real estate agent.

If the offer is then accepted by the vendor, the contracts will be ‘exchanged’ immediately and you will be committed to purchasing the property. It is important that all due diligence is completed before attending auction or where there is no cooling-off period in the contract. Keep in mind that there is automatically no cooling-off period when the property is sold at auction (or on the auction day).

If you’d like the names and details for any of the other professional service providers noted above, please do not hesitate to contact us.


All contracts in NSW require a deposit to be paid when contracts are entered into. The default amount is 10% of the purchase price, however, this is commonly negotiated down to 5% with the vendor’s consent.

The deposit is paid to the real estate agent who holds the funds in their trust account in escrow pending settlement.

We do not receive or pay any referral fees and our recommendations are based on years of working with our network of service providers.

We look forward to assisting you with your purchase.