The 4 steps to selling property in New South Wales with a conveyancer
You’ll hear people say ‘selling property is the most stressful thing you can do’, but it doesn’t have to be! With specialist knowledge in New South Wales property law, we can give you on-the-spot answers to any questions you may have. We help you create an airtight contract for a seamless experience, leaving you more time to focus on the other important aspects of the property sale.


The very first step in the sale process is to contact us to have a draft contract drawn up for the sale of your property.
It is a legal requirement that before the property is advertised for sale, that a draft contract be available to view by potential buyers. The draft contract will typically note standard items in the contract such as, settlement timeframes, inclusions/exclusions to the sale, as well as standard documents such as title searches, diagrams and a zoning certificate from the local Council.

Your property conveyancer will provide the draft contract to you and your real estate agent usually within five business days (sometimes earlier), depending on the circumstances of your sale.


Our next involvement is when a buyer has been found for your property. We finalise the contract by updating it with the buyers details, sale price and any other negotiated items so it is ready to sign and ‘exchange’.

The exchange process is when the deal becomes binding. You will sign one copy of the contract and the purchaser will sign an identical counter-part. The deposit is paid and the contracts are then ‘exchanged’ and dated.

There are two ways which contracts exchange:


Once contracts have exchanged and the cooling-off period has expired, we are then involved in ensuring that your mortgagee (if there is one) is on track to settle the discharge of mortgage.
Typically you’ll be required to complete what’s known as a Discharge of Mortgage form. This document engages the mortgagee to deal with us and co-ordinate the payout of any loans which may still be outstanding over the property.

During the lead up to settlement we will provide you with a break-down of the settlement adjustments including any loan payout amounts provided by the bank. You then have several options on how to deal with the sale proceeds and we will discuss these with you at that time.


Have your contract prepared free of charge by a qualified conveyancer.


Your conveyancer will look after all the formalities on the day. You will be invited to your PEXA workspace for your sale so you can follow along with the progress of your settlement.
Your conveyancer will make sure that the correct amounts are provided by the purchaser and that cleared sales proceeds are provided to you at the time settlement takes place.

There is nothing you will need to do on the day, your conveyancer will take care of the paperwork. You will simply need to provide all sets of keys to your real estate agent so they can hand them over to the purchaser immediately after settlement.


We provide a range of conveyancing services to property investors offering the complimentary use of our Trust Account, for added convenience, flexibility, and security with your real estate transactions.


We assist with the purchase and sale of commercial premises to ensure all additional considerations that come with the commercial aspect of the property, such as GST, Land Tax and Leases, are taken care of.


Our goal at Your Move Conveyancing is to make the legalities of your new purchase a completely smooth and harmonious experience, so you can focus on the more important aspects of your property purchase.