We are focused on working efficiently and accurately, providing outstanding and exceptional support to our valued partners. The YMC team is approachable, highly skilled, and eager to help you achieve your industry goals.

At Your Move Conveyancing our expertise lies in conveyancing, we live and breathe property just like you. Whether in representing vendors or assisting buyers, we can seamlessly support your efforts to close deals.

We have structured our business model to align with the real estate industry. After all, our ultimate objective is the same – to get deals done for our clients!


Hi, I’m Rebecca, head of Client Relationships at YMC. I’d love to connect and see how I can best serve you and your clients.

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Is tailored to complement the sales process


We understand that many property transactions occur outside traditional office hours, which is why we have members of the team available 7 days a week.
Perfect for urgent pre-auction reviews, revised contract terms, 66W certificates & same-day exchange.


Compliance, compliance, compliance!
This is ideal for off-market opportunities. Helping prevent delays taking the property to market, and getting potential buyers through.

Nothing is payable until vendors have a confirmed buyer. If they take the property off the market and decide not to sell at that time, there’s no charge!

Generally, we can have a draft contract prepared within 2 business days.


Have a buyer with offer and acceptance on the table, and want to exchange today?

We can expedite contract reviews to have these turned around within 2 business hours!
Nothing is payable until buyers are committed to a purchase.


Looking for consistent servicing and turnaround times you can rely on?
We believe it’s important for you to build relationships with your conveyancer. When onboarding with us you will work with the same conveyancers to build trust and understanding on how you work best together. As a fail safe, sit back and relax knowing that you have a whole team of skilled professionals backing you. No need to worry when staff go on annual leave, we have a thorough handover process, and you can rely on us to have you covered throughout these periods. Our team will always ensure that turnaround times are maintained and that our servicing standard remains exceptional.


Have clients that they are receiving invoices left, right, and centre making their property journey hard to track and stressful?
Our fees are fixed and fully transparent. We show our commitment to our client’s property journey by not charging anything until settlement. Should they engage our services, and not decide to sell or buy, there is nothing to pay!


Do you have a client interested in both selling and purchasing property?
YMC offers loyalty discounts that apply to clients across various transactions. These discounts are not limited to consecutive transactions; we extend this benefit to clients who choose to work with us again in the future.


Selling or purchasing a property can be the largest financial decision that some individuals will make in their lifetime.
We understand clients feel more confident and comfortable with the sales process if they have a conveyancer who speaks their native tongue. When sending through your referral, simply mention if there is a language preference and we will pair your client with the relevant conveyancer. We currently have fully licensed conveyancers at YMC who are fluent in the following languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Bengali, Filipino, Hindi, Spanish & Japanese.


Does your team need a refresher on digital contract signing, reduced deposits/deposit instalment plans, exchanging contracts without the full deposit, or common pitfalls during the final inspection process, or any other aspects you’d like to troubleshoot or gather additional information on?
We can attend your office for education sessions and can tailor the agenda accordingly.


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As a mortgage broker, I refer all my clients to YMC as I trust that they will receive the same excellent service that I experienced when I was a client myself. YMC handled the conveyancing and settlement of my first property purchase, and I could not have asked for better service. Being a First Home Buyer, they assisted me every step of the way, from reviewing my contract and requesting amendments to ensuring my settlement took place on time.
Oliver (Credit Advisor)
Working with Your Move Conveyancing has been a game-changer for my clients. Their unmatched expertise and dedication have consistently delivered the best results, making them an invaluable partner in achieving our clients’ purchasing goals.
Rob (Buyer’s Agent)
Being a selling agent and working in a fast-paced area, we have found Your Move Conveyancing to be the best in the business. Not only are they extremely detailed and efficient, but they are also a lovely group of people who look after our client’s best interests. Highly recommend!
Ty (Sales Agent)
YMC’s team is highly responsive, efficient, and dependable. I have complete confidence in their guidance. Their complementary contract preparation has boosted my sales figures by eliminating obstacles during sales pursuits. Additionally, their contract reviews without upfront costs have facilitated swift buyer preparation for auctions and led to quick sales transactions.
Stephen (Sales Agent)
As an agent, I know the importance of working with a conveyancer who can provide fast, sensible, measured advice for their clients. I always feel confident when we are working with a buyer or seller who is using the services of Your Move Conveyancing. They have proven to us on numerous occasions that they can be counted on at the most critical times in a negotiation – which is usually late on a Friday afternoon, or for the last-minute buyer who wants to bid at auction but hasn’t had the contract reviewed. I appreciate that they aren’t afraid to pick up the phone to explain any issues that have come up that may hinder negotiations. I’ve always found the team to be very professional, calm, and friendly.
Karen (Sales Agent)
Exceptional partnership for superior results. YMC’s commitment to excellence consistently elevates the outcomes we achieve for both our vendors and buyers. They are always willing, available, thorough, and proficient. I highly recommend them to both buyers and sellers alike
Dom (Sales Agent)
We strive to deliver the best possible service to our clients, in the least complicated way. To achieve this, it’s important we’re working with the best; Your Move Conveyancing is a standout when it comes to delivering a seamless conveyancing service. What sets them apart is their efficiency, professionalism, and willingness to provide valuable advice at any time. They are always accessible and ready to assist, ensuring a harmonious experience for our clients and for us.
Kylie (Credit Advisor)