Nataylia Georges

Administrative Support & Conveyancing Assistant
Sydney Office

Nataylia is a determined individual with a passion for conveyancing, aspiring to become a Licensed Conveyancer in the future. Having recently completed high school, Nataylia brings youthful energy and fresh perspectives to her pursuits. Alongside her academic achievements, she has dedicated her time to tutoring younger students, finding fulfillment in guiding and nurturing their educational journeys.

Nataylia’s dedication to her craft is underpinned by her values, which resonate strongly with those of YMC’s. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, she has seamlessly integrated into the team, offering both administrative support and being provided practical experience in conveyancing processes.

She is steadfast in her pursuit of professional growth and development. Nataylia embodies the spirit of dedication and enthusiasm, set to make meaningful contributions to YMC’s growth and the conveyancing field.