Justin Williams

Senior Licensed Conveyancer
Newcastle Office

Justin is a seasoned conveyancing professional with a strong foundation in the field, having earned his conveyancing license from Macquarie University in 2010. Over the years, he has gained extensive experience in various conveyancing and law firms across NSW, honing his skills and values to excel in his role.

With a meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment, Justin possesses a unique blend of qualities that set him apart. He thrives in a collaborative environment, excels at multitasking, strategic planning, and effective prioritization.

Justin’s primary focus is on understanding and meeting his clients’ needs by providing them with clear and concise conveyancing advice. He strives for excellence in every aspect of his work, ensuring that his clients’ transactions are smooth and stress-free.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Justin is an active member of the Beauford Club of Newcastle, dedicated to fostering fellowship among horse racing enthusiasts through meetings, charitable luncheons, donations, and sporting activities.

When he’s not in the office, Justin enjoys quality time with his wonderful wife and children. His passion for both work and life shines through in everything he does.