David Winning

Founder & Head of Strategy
Licensed Conveyancer
Sydney Office

David established Your Move Conveyancing in July 2013 after seeking to combine his passion for providing exceptional customer service within conveyancing services. He started out his career working as a legal clerk for a firm in the city in 2006. David quickly found his niche in conveyancing and studied Conveyancing Law and Practice at Macquarie University while working full time in the industry then in 2008 working full-time as a conveyancer which quickly earned him the experience required to handle complex and challenging conveyancing scenarios.

David became a Licensed Conveyancer and Licensee-in-Charge of a branch office in 2010 where he stayed on until 2013. He then decided to use his experience and passion to its full potential by starting Your Move Conveyancing.

When asked about how he maintains his love for conveyancing, David says: ‘The idea of being able to really exceed customer expectations when it comes to providing our conveyancing services is something I get excited about. It is so rare to find exceptional customer service especially in the legal industry!’ David goes on to say: ‘Conveyancing and Customer Service are my two passions so being able to combine my expertise in both areas is something I jump at the opportunity to provide’. When asked what the best part of providing conveyancing Services to clients is, David says ‘I still love to this day being able to tell my clients that their property has just settled, particularly when they are a first home buyer or couple moving into their dream home. Although I’m only a relatively small part of the whole picture when it comes to buying and selling real estate, I like to be able to think that we’ve been able to make the overall process a lot smoother and easier to handle’.