Charlie Elias

Licensed Conveyancer
Sydney Office

Charlie is a licensed conveyancer, having successfully completed his conveyancing law and practice studies at Macquarie University. His enthusiasm for assisting individuals in realizing their life-changing property dreams is evident in his dedicated approach to his work. Charlie’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer service aligns seamlessly with YMC’s core values, and his meticulous attention to detail ensures a high standard for all stakeholders involved.

Excited about his role, Charlie brings a vibrant energy to our team. We are confident in his ability to contribute to our goals and are committed to supporting his ongoing career development.

Outside of the conveyancing world, Charlie enjoys exploring new culinary experiences and has a passion for true crime. Additionally, he is a devoted follower of all things F1 and takes pleasure in the art of car detailing. We are fortunate to have Charlie on board, combining his professional expertise with a diverse range of interests.